Daily Sports Hankook hopes to help stengthen Korea

时间:2023-12-03 19:38:14来源:퀵 슬롯 作者:쇼핑

The Korea-Indonesia Business Cooperation Forum is all set to take place on Thursday in Jakarta, marking the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Indonesia.

The forum is a significant step toward strengthening cooperation, boosting collaboration, and exploring business opportunities between the two nations.

The Korea Herald had an interview with Cho Sung-hyun, the director of the Corporate Planning and Management Division of Daily Sports Hankook, one of the media partners for the Korea-Indonesia Biz Forum.

Q. As a media partner, what is the background of co-hosting the Korea-Indonesia Economic Cooperation Forum commemorating the 50th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties?

A. The background of this joint project stems from a longstanding interest in promoting exchange programs between overseas and Korean business communities. There is keen anticipation for Indonesia's growth, especially given the scheduled relocation of the capital city from Jakarta to Borneo Island and efforts to overcome economic challenges while establishing new growth drivers.

Additionally, the popularity of the Korean Wave in Indonesia and the positive image of Korea contribute to expectations that Korean companies will expand their presence and sustain growth in the country.

As a media partner for the Korea-Indonesia Economic Cooperation Forum, we aim to highlight various aspects of Indonesia -- including its culture, economy and politics -- while shedding light on the direction Korean businesses can take in the future.

Q. Please elaborate on your collaboration with Thuongmai University in Vietnam to promote Korean language education and other educational initiatives, and state your goals.

A. Acting on behalf of the family company, Beomsan Corporation, we have been collaborating with Thuongmai University in Hanoi, Vietnam, to provide Korean language education services to Vietnamese locals since March 2022.

Moreover, we are currently preparing to launch an executive education program in collaboration with Thuongmai University starting in April 2024. This program will target Korean business leaders, executives in Vietnam, Vietnamese business professionals and government officials.

Q. As someone involved in the construction industry, why do you have a particular interest in the media sector, as seen in your roles in Living TV Corporation and Daily Sports Hankook Corporation?

A. Passionate for the media industry, I am dedicated to growing the media group and creating synergy with my father's construction business.

Q. If you have plans for this media group's future growth and development, please share them.

A. To transform our family company into a globally recognized comprehensive media group, I plan to venture into the media coverage of financial news and other synergizing areas.